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We are excited to release our new line of very efficient loudspeakers that offer unparalleled value for the listener. From our striking two-way to our current flagship, all of our loudspeakers are very capable statements of what is possible when we design a speaker around the absence of typical limitations.

Our reputation for producing some of the finest subwoofers available has driven us to design a series of loudspeakers that are peerless in terms of listening experience, and are in keeping with our renowned; quality, craftsmanship, and above all, audio excellence.


6.1.P On sale  $2200/pair Shipped in North America

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Who is Funk Audio ?

Funk Audio has been offering high quality Audio products for over 15 years.
Our design team Has over 80 years combined experience in the fields Of audio/electrical design, manufacturing, cabinet building, and metalworking, providing us with exceptional products and custom capabilities.

What do we Offer

Here at Funk Audio, we provide high quality Subwoofers and speakers that are made right here in Canada. Our products are built to the highest quality standards without any sacrifice in raw performance. You get the best of both worlds, quality craftsmanship and among the best “bang for the buck”.